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About Millionaires advantages in keeping young, poor women...



Why Millionaires Bother with Poor Women

About rich Men and poor Girls

Some millionaire single men date underprivileged women for any number of reasons while others have no significant reason in mind. They don't care much about what women have or don't have in their bank accounts.

Although most millionaires tend to be very knowledgeable when it comes to obtaining and keeping their wealth, sometimes they are ignorant when it comes to teaching others how to grow their income. A poor single woman can remain in her condition despite dating a millionaire. Some of these selfish millionaire men use their dates' lack of financial education to control them. They provide these women with money sometimes while supporting their spending habits, rather than helping them be financially independent. By doing this, they keep these unfortunate women dependent on them. But a savvy woman will listen and learn from her millionaire dates. She is the one asking questions, taking notes, and looking to build her own wealth. Many millionaire dates, with ulterior motives, don't bother too much with women they know are smarter than them. They know these women really have no significant need for a man financially and don't feel like they would be much benefit to them.

Dating a broke woman has its ups and downs. She usually has hefty responsibilities from raising children to student loan debt. She is often stressed about money and worries about whether the men she dates will follow through on promises they made. Sometimes she feels bad about having sex with a man or two for financial gain. Not only is she financially broken, but spiritually too when she continues living a lifestyle she doesn't necessarily like, but feels she has to in order to survive. Some millionaire men pity these financially deprived women and offer their assistance. These rich guys like feeling needed and appreciated by these ladies unlike those women who have always been rich.

Some things to be concerned about when rich and poor are dating one another include:

1. Don't expect a poor woman to assist with things like: travel, restaurant meals, and help with any ideas that cost money.

2. Don't assume she has money to help with unexpected expenses.

3. If a man claims he is rich, yet becomes visibly irritated because of one's financial lack, it is safe to say, he isn't as wealthy as he claims or is a tight wad.

4. If you should find that money is becoming a big problem during the dating phase, just imagine what it would be like if you marry this person whether they are rich or poor.

5. Avoid needy women who are desperate, lie and conniving about obtaining one's wealth.

6. Avoid rich men who act as if they will help you, yet pressure you about having sex.

7. Know what you want from a date and communicate your needs.

When you take the time to get to know someone with much or little, what you will find is that the person may or may not be a good match. Whatever the end result, consider dating rich or poor, a valuable learning experience.

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