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How to Know When Dating a Millionaire is Bad for You

If you seek for a qualitiy relationship with a rich man you should be aware of some facts:

You are in search of a date that will have many of the qualities that you seek. However, the ones you find yourself with do not demonstrate positive personalities that match their wallets. You often find yourself spending far too much time with men who are undeserving of you. So what are so me signs that you need to watch for in the future to ensure that you don´t go on yet another bad date with a millionaire?


A man who is confident in who he is may be a turn on, but he can also be mean-spirited and selfish. Prideful men often display behavior that looks and feels like "I am better than everyone else" despite this statement not being accurate. Listen for phrases in a date's conversation that often refer to "I have, I know, I am…" even when the subject matter has little to do with him and you have asked no questions for him to express personal thoughts and achievements. Self-absorbed men will expect their dates to praise them, listen and obey, and do the kinds of things that will appease them. If you are the independent type, who believes that serving a man is beneath you, then avoid an arrogant man like a plague!


The end result of any separation or divorce is a broken heart. A man will cry, become angry, bitter, and even mistreat women because he has yet to get over his past. He will assume that every woman who enters his life is trouble. What one, who is dating a man with a past such as this, should pay attention to is how he talks about his ex and the way he acts when she comes around (for instance if they have children together). Frequent bad-mouthing, lying, unresolved issues, arguments, and more are definite signs that there is more to what he is saying took place in his past relationship(s). Save yourself many future headaches and keep away from a man who is still fuming about an ex or appears to still care very much about other past loves.


He works late, arises early and back at work again, he has much money, works out deals to get more funds, and rarely says too much of anything outside of job related subject matter. He loves money and may say, "I can´t get enough of it" Although there are perks that come with a man who loves his profession, there are also many losses that come with his love for money as well. Loss of intimacy, patience, and assets, even one's cool. People who love money will do a variety of things to save money and make more of it including taking risky chances. They will make hasty financial decisions at times that sometimes cause a decrease in one´s wealth. They will act defensive, rude, and braggadocios about money causing much strife with relatives and friends. When a date expresses much love for material wealth and a strong desire to obtain more, think twice about dating him if you don't have a similar love for it.

Lack of Feeling

Sharing what ails her from family to job and what excites her doesn´t seem the least bit interesting to her rich date. A man with money and things often on his mind, remains quiet, sighs deeply, or digresses. Share something about "stuff" he likes or hates and he might be moved to add to the conversation. These are clear signs that a date is more concerned about things and not people. Imagine what the future might look like with such an individual? You may be sick or worse dying and the compassionless millionaire man is more concerned about how much treating a health condition is going to cost him.

When you find yourself feeling worse when in the presence of a rich man, take heed to your emotions. They just might be telling you that he isn't good for you. There may be some things that you are picking up on about him that is causing you to doubt whether being in a relationship with him is good for your soul. It's unfortunate, but many wealthy people have been consumed by so many material things that they leave little room for a quality friendship. Those interested in dating the rich also find that they too become so enamored by a millionaire's riches that they fail to make good partners.

When the signs are obvious that a date is not interested in a relationship, but more concerned about receiving a benefit or two with no strings attached, be sure that you want the same things too. Dates turn out to be bad ones because sometimes no one is clear as to what he or she really wants from the start of the relationship.

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