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What Millionaires want from younger Ladies



Millionaires have their demands

10 Things a Millionaire Man Wants from His Young Woman

If you thought you were a great catch, think again! A millionaire man wants more than the average guy. He has spent his adult years seeking to appease himself professionally and personally. When things didn´t go right in either, he sought another opportunity and another until he mastered one or all things on his "To Do" list. Finding a suitable mate might be high on his priority list, so a young woman might want to be sure she is ready when he comes calling.

One. Educated

Many young women don´t seem to understand that there is more than just beauty that charms a man. He doesn´t want to have to finish her sentences, correct her on a foolish statement, or think too hard about what she is trying to explain to him. "What exactly is she knowledgeable in?" He might be thinking. It would be wise to know a little bit about a variety of things including subject matter related to not only your own interests, but his too. So when he says, he likes something or would like to know more about a certain subject matter, take some time find something interesting about it and when you see him next time, give him an update.

Two. Someone who he can take care of

A man who has much wealth isn´t interested in a woman who seems to have everything under control so much in fact that there is no room for him. So even though, you might think that stating how independent you are and how you have no need of anything is great, for many men it is a turn off. He may be thinking, "Well, why is she dating? And how can I be any benefit to her, she almost sounds like she doesn´t need an everyday man just a periodic sex partner?" Is this what you really want?

Three. Attractive

A woman who keeps herself up is a real catch for any man. He enjoys showing off his new find to the world. Millionaire men typically spend time with other wealthy men and their dates, so he wants someone he can bring to the table that is easy on the eyes.

Four. Emotionally available

Millionaire men have no time for women who are still in love with an ex, in fights with their children´s father, and are still grieving over the death of a loved one. "If my date has all of these issues now, what might the future hold?" the millionaire man thinks. Men don´t marry troubled women, they usually just have sex and then forget about them.

Five. Fun

All millionaire men aren´t serious. So a young lady doesn´t have to act like an older, boring woman who barely smiles and often complains. Share a joke, laugh at something without hesitation, be your youthful self! That´s one of the main reasons why he dates younger women in the first place, they are oftentimes fun to be around!

Six. A woman who doesn´t love his money

This might be difficult to do for a money-hungry woman who has poor family members whispering in her ear, "Don´t forget about me." But a young woman who wants a happy, long-term romance will have to forget about the wallet and look into the eyes of her gentleman suitor.

Seven. Honesty

It´s unfortunate, but some women are so determined to be with a millionaire man that they are willing to lie about anything to stay in his circle. Be honest when he asks about your family, where you got your clothes, or who you know. He is testing you. He wants to know can he trust you, donít disappoint him like those who came before you.

Eight. Respectable

A man who is respected by many doesn´t want to be with someone who is loud, rude, or obnoxious. He wants to know that his young, lady friend can exercise self-control especially when someone might offend her because her date has selected her. There is no room for TV drama anger in the millionaire´s man world.

Nine. Willing to try new things

Men who are on the go, may not always do things in the way that a woman might expect. A millionaire date may want you to travel with him, try something new, or broaden your horizons for one reason or another. Most likely, he didn´t get his millions doing the same thing all the time in the hopes of getting different results, he took a risk. So are you prepared to learn or explore new things with your open-minded, millionaire friend if called upon?

Ten. A good lover

Save the best for last! Just because he has much money doesn´t mean he is expecting you to disrobe and please him. If you do it too soon, he might think something negative or too late and he might not want to go on another date. Timing is key. Learn more about him, establish your boundaries, and update your love-making skills a tad. When the time comes, you donít want to bring the baggage of a previous lover into the bed with your new one.

If the millionaire has expressed interest in wanting to be married one day, it is a must that you do the kinds of things that will keep him interested if you want the same things too. He will follow your lead. He will notice what you say, how you do things, and tailor some things he does and says in an effort to win you over. He is a millionaire, but remember he is a man, and he hopes that one day that is what you see in him!

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