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Why Finding a Millionaire is Difficult

Places of the rich, player types and Millionaires interests

Let's face it most millionaires know where the hot women are and they know what a catch they can be for them. It can be a bit of a challenge for single women to find millionaires with compatible interests, because most aren't connected to any circles to be seen by them.

Many of these beautiful women also don't join dating sites or visit places where rich people frequent. Meanwhile, there are those millionaires who shop popular department stores, yet aren't really thinking about finding potential dates at those places even though it might be worth a chance.

Millionaire men aren't often available on or offline because they are busy doing other activities like: lounging at home, working late hours at a business, traveling or connecting with family and friends. Some might encounter challenges meeting their matches due to settling for those they are incompatible. Meanwhile, others are already married, have a lover or two, or don't have much time for too much else.

Then there are millionaire player types who aren't interested in dating anyone outside of their wealth circles. They seek women for sex, but not much else. They don't temporarily stop with their behavior until the following occurs: certain tactics to get women no longer work, they fall in love with a special someone, they grow weary of various personality types and all the drama that comes with them, their family and friends repeatedly advise them to slow down, divorce, or worse, they end up with a disease or impregnate a date. Those with these kinds of issues make it increasingly hard to find a large pool of available men with less baggage.

Sometimes millionaires aren't interested in dating. They already know from past experiences the kind of women they attract so they take on a lifestyle that looks like they are not very wealthy. Many women overlook some of these men because they think they are unsuccessful. Just like there is the illusion some create to appear rich, there is also the lifestyle that many millionaires use to look poor.

Throw in personality issues of some millionaires and it becomes quite obvious why many are still single or divorced after decades of dating. Men with money on their minds aren't always good people to be around. They can be controlling, bitter, and mean-spirited while periodically being charming when they want or need something done. Some of these men become so focused on growing their wealth and other responsibilities that they don't make themselves emotionally and/or physically available to date much.

Women, who are enamored with the idea of meeting rich men, overlook the ones that don't fit the image of what they believe. They falsely assume many millionaires are adorned with expensive watches, dress well, and drive sports cars. The reality is most prosperous men don't spend a lot of money for their jewelry, don't often dress in suits, refuse to pay much for meals, and drive modest vehicles. If you are determined to meet wealthy men, the key is not to act like you are. Independent and confident women who have something to offer their dates don't push themselves on them, nor do they expect to be taken care of by them.

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