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A Woman dating meeting a Millionaire need to be very cautious and careful



What to Look for When Dating a Flawed Millionaire

Weakness, handicaps and strange interests of flawed Millionaires

Women everywhere seek millionaire men because of two important things, their money and assets. Love, attractiveness, compatibility, sex, and kindness also make the list of what many women want as well, but they don't rank as high as money. They tend to overlook all the character traits that come with millionaire men that just might make them say, "This isn't worth all the money in the world!"

Weaknesses in one´s appearance.

Let's face it, not every man with money is easy on the eyes. Some men don´t feel the need to keep themselves up, because they know that someone somewhere will tolerate everything from their facial flaws to an unflattering body type. So if what a man looks like is high on the priority list and you can't stomach anything unattractive on his body, no amount of money and gifts will keep you with him long term. The minute he angers you beyond belief, you will think about how ugly he looks and might mistreat him because you settled.

Mental and/or physical handicaps.

Some millionaires don´t think or walk right. A woman who thinks that praying, fasting, and surfing the Internet for the best product to help a man with his condition will change him-think again! Most likely, he has tried something to help with his condition and it simply didn´t work. Avoid worrying that poor man to death about his condition. If you know you aren't the patient, caring type, you will become easily frustrated with a millionaire man with mental and physical issues.

Peculiar behaviors.

Some rich men never received a label on what exactly are their problems. The ex-wives might have caught hell because of their strange demeanor, their children walk softly around them or keep their distance, and their relatives aren't thrilled when they come around. If you pay close attention to all of these signs and more, don´t believe his hype or lies, reason away his issues (as if you don't see them) or blame everyone else, your rich man has problems and you will have to make up in your mind to deal or not to deal with them.

Listen for strange interests.

Let´s say you are having a great time with your guy and he says something out the clear blue for a good laugh, but with a hint of honesty, "I absolutely love the smell of feet…" or something so off the wall, you almost spit your drink out of your mouth, although he has made your side hurt from all your laughing, keep in mind, he just might be testing you. There is the possibility that his strange interests just might show up in the bedroom one day.

Notice inconsistencies in his story-telling.

His work schedule, names of friends, times, locations, activities, and other things he says might be called into question when the stories just don´t sound or look honest. Some millionaires really aren´t millionaires they are more like thousands a year men. Their cars, clothing, shoes, and need for additional income will reflect that at times. But you must also consider that some millionaires will dress like a discount store, while stashing away much cash in multiple investments. Watch for story-telling that seems to be too good to be true. Always check-up on your date's stories when you can.

There is more to being with a millionaire besides his cash, so be certain that you have the stomach and the heart for a flawed, rich man. Many women are disappointed to learn that all they thought they knew about a rich man just isn't true. Instead, they learn the hard way that one's focus should be on the man and not on his finances.

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