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12 Signs Your Millionaire Man is Really a Poor Man

Charming, handsome, and unique, your rich man has made you feel like the luckiest person in the world. But is he really as wealthy as he claims? Some men will pretend as if there net worth is huge, when in all actuality, they are barely living paycheck to paycheck. From an ex wife to bad money investments over the years, a former or wannabe millionaire may be living a life that is just over broke. Donít let a pay stub, bank statement, or debit card receipt placed in plain site fool you, sometimes what appears to be real, really isn´t. However, rich men who know how to play head games with young women will get over on them with the "I am rich" façade. There are signs you might want to pay attention to before committing to an exclusive relationship with a poor man who claims to be rich.

1. He often talks in the past tense when discussing his work or business achievements, but doesn´t appear very happy about the money he is making with his current employer or business endeavor.

As much as you would like to believe he is telling the truth about his wealth, your instinct is saying, "He´s lying." Sometimes men just donít rebound from past failures, so they brag about what once was.

2. He mentions pricey items he use to own.

From the fancy convertible he drove during his heydays to the house he once shared with a mistress, the broke man wants to make anyone who is easily impressed to believe that he still lives that kind of life. Yet, with some men, it never was, they just cut out photographs and borrow videos from friends to look like they have their lives altogether.

3. He acts irritated, even angry, when you mention needing a little help on the cost of something that the both of you could enjoy.

The pretender was in support of your suggestion as long as he knew you were paying for everything, but when you asked for a contribution from him, the wheels inside of his mind started rolling, "How am I going to get out of this one?" There is no reason why someone who boasts about being a millionaire should be angry because you would like some help in creating a memorable dating experience for the two of you.

4. When attending an event or shopping at a local store, he complains about the cost of things.

Why would a night out on the town be an issue specifically if you both aren´t visiting any five star restaurants, pricey boutiques, or expensive celebrity events? Someone is short of cash and might be expecting to ask you for some money in the future, just say, "No!"

5. He sometimes finds ways to get out of paying for something.

A quick dash to the car to get his wallet only to come back with nothing in his hand or he reaches in his pocket and has only a few dollars while his debit card sits at home, think about it. Similar situations like these come up, again and again. Either he is trying to get you to start doing your part to pay some bills or he just can´t afford to date and if that is the case, he lied, he isn´t a millionaire.

6. He asks about your finances and whether or not you have a credit card.

A date who needs to know whether you have a credit card is definitely letting you know he doesn´t have good credit and most likely maxed out all his credit cards. Be careful, he probably plans on maxing out yours too!

7. You notice that he doesn´t tend to his basic needs such as: keeping the phone on, paying rent on time, and keeping food in his cabinets and refrigerator.

Sometimes people get busy and forget to pay for things as well as keep their kitchen stocked, but when the pretend millionaire often tells you that his cell phone is off, he has to go to the bank, and he doesnít have time to shop, despite inviting you to his place, you have to wonder where is his money going?

8. He mentions he had to borrow money or deplete his savings just to pay for something.

Some so-called rich men will boldly confess one day that they had to take money from a savings or retirement account in order to buy something. If your date is a millionaire why is he taking long-term cash to pay for short-term needs? Let´s say he is rich, then he is terrible when it comes to budgeting his money.

9. You catch him in lies about his financial issues.

One day he said he made X amount of money, then on another day, it changed to a different amount. He donated cash to a group and then confused that group with another. He claims to have helped family members, but they act as if he owes them money. He takes out his debit or credit card with a grimace on his face when paying for something you want. When the writing is on the wall, believe it, he´s broke.

10. He can only visit or take you out when he gets his paycheck.

Notice any routines when he appears to be so generous with his money and then on other days a tightwad? Does he often makes promises and then when the days arrive to spend money, he backs out of them or makes suggestions that cost less than the original plan? A wealthy man isn´t constantly changing a service, canceling dates, or telling you what he can´t pay for at this time unless he is a workaholic, so pay attention, workaholics tend to have money when they finally do take a day off and can make time for you, broke men are still broke no matter if they work long hours or take a day off.

11. He starts to complain about how much money is being spent on going out to eat despite your helping foot the bill, yet he never offers to pay for groceries. A millionaire who has money to spend is not going to bring up how much eating out costs if you can clearly see that the bills have been reasonable. But anyone who feels like they are being taken advantage of or are thrifty, will complain, and so will someone who is short on cash reserves. If he is the budget conscious type, why not buy groceries and cook? Then ask him, if you are a millionaire, wouldn´t you have someone cook for you if you know you can´t cook while you tend to making your millions?

12. He mentions how much money he is using up to come see you.

From frequent gas tank fill-ups to plane fare, why would a man just getting to know you start complaining about how much it costs to travel if he is a so-called millionaire? If you have been dating him a long time, then that is understandable he would want to make some budget cuts because he plans on buying you some other things like a ring for instance. But a man who is more concerned about money than learning more about you has some cash flow problems.

When determining if your date is indeed rich, don´t focus on just one observation that sounds like his situation, consider most. Some issues might not reflect a lack of money, but just a problem saving, investing, donating, and spending money. However, when one sees that the same issues keep coming up, it is fair to conclude that your date is really broke, but just doesn´t feel comfortable sharing such sensitive and shameful information with you. If a man claiming to be a millionaire can lie about his lifestyle, you must think, what else might he lie about?

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