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Pros and Cons dating Millionaires

Pros When Dating Some Millionaires

When you think of dating someone who has much wealth, what tends to come to mind? Fancy vacations, romance, a jaw-dropping lifestyle, and other fun things, right? Well, many media outlets report that millionaires typically don´t live like millionaires. They aren´t showy when it comes to their wealth. They live below their means and aren´t spending money frivolously. Therefore, when dating one who is a millionaire whatever perspective you might have concerning him, you may want to re-evaluate what you think you might know. There are pros to dating a millionaire, those that are obvious and others that are not so obvious.

1. Financial security.

Most millionaires obtain much wealth, because they know how to save money. They have created a lifestyle for themselves that is more stable and isn´t necessarily comprised of risky investments. Millionaires look for ways to keep wealth and achieve more of it using a variety of means. When you are seriously dating someone who is financially stable, you typically have no money worries unless he is the type that likes to spend everyone else´s money but his own.

2. Large social network.

Many millionaires meet a variety of individuals and groups because of the industries they work in, while others not so much. A millionaire with a large network might be a great mentor when it comes to directing his friend to some people, places and things that could stimulate one´s career or business.

3. Educated.

Most educated men and women are interesting to be around. They bring knowledge and much information about things like: their industries, family history, experiences, travels, and other noteworthy insight. A person who may not be as successful could learn from an astute businessman.

4. Freedom to enjoy things that poor men only wish they could do.

The reality is that a man with much money is going to experience things in this life that a poor man who works much and doesn´t get to enjoy his money can´t or won´t. Some poor men could save their finances and learn new things, but a mentality that doesn´t think outside the box, will stay inside the box. On the other hand, a rich man with a wide view on life is not only going to discover more about the world around him, but he is going to take his loved ones on a ride or two too!

5. Additional wealth in various accounts and life insurance.

Millionaires typically know how to store wealth in various places from mutual funds to life insurance policies. They may have financial planners who give them advice on what to do with their money since they have much of it. A millionaire might share some of his personal business with a partner, so that she can expand on her wealth too.
There are other things that one who dates a millionaire can benefit from that those who make less money also offer. These benefits aren´t unique as a result of dating someone who is rich on money and love such as: a quality partnership, the opportunity to own property, start a business, wear quality clothing, jewelry, shoes, and help others. If you seek a millionaire or are in an existing relationship with one, always keep in mind that the money just might run out one day, so be certain that there are other qualities you see in your mate that surpass riches.

Cons When Dating Some Millionaires

So you found a man who really excites you and you just might want to take him up on some of his offers to do things like: become his girlfriend, vacation, and even move-in together.
Well, before you do, you might want to evaluate whether you are ready for all of the other things that come with dating a millionaire.

1. Risky behavior.

The man you are dating may not be this way, but many millionaires have a mentality that the rules don´t apply to them. In other words, he may have a long history of unprotected sex, lost money in risky business ventures, and took chances that might have hurt others that you have yet to learn about. You don´t want to find out the hard way that he is about to lose his business, has an incurable sexual disease, and left behind a wife and kids because of an addiction or two (more on this later). So watch and learn more about him before allowing your emotions to sweep you away into possibly a pit of hell.

2. Unfaithfulness.

Look at the many elitist men in society who have cheated on wives. Sometimes it isn´t adultery, but other forms of cheating like on taxes, their God or gods, diets, stealing business ideas, and other things. Do some research and find out how faithful is he to things other than making money. Can he be trusted when he says he is going to do one thing, but you find he is doing another? If he can´t stay faithful to something as simple as a workout and a meal plan he has created for himself, then what else might he not keep his word about?

3. Selfish.

If you thought all millionaires were free-hearted with their partners and lovers when it comes to money, time and assets, you have been deceived! Men who acquire much wealth are generous when they stand to gain something from all their giving. A millionaire is wondering if he gives someone or a group so much money, what might he get in return? The same holds true with his partner(s). What might they be giving to him that deserves his wealth? Now his lover(s) might give him something, but it doesn´t mean that he will give them much in return.

4. Hidden addictions.

The addiction stays hidden as long as his mate is away. But when the millionaire becomes comfortable with his partner, he lets his guard down and thatís when she experiences a rude awakening. He might encourage her to join in on his destructive behavior. Sometimes he will act as if he doesn´t have an addiction or lie about it. He might even put his partner in a position where she will have to go along with his program or jump ship. Addictions come in many forms from gaming devices to substance abuse. He may be obsessed with his job (more on this below), eat too much, or frequent bars. But whatever, his addiction it can wreck havoc on your life especially if you choose to live with him.

5. Workaholics.

Being with a millionaire requires some sacrifice one has to give up some things in her life to help the millionaire increase in wealth, so that this person can earn her share of his wealth. So if he is often busy all hours of the night, he isnít going to be available to his wife/girlfriend when she wants. It isnít easy sharing her man with the rest of the world, or being at home alone for months at a time. To the world, she looks like a queen on a hill enjoying a vast amount of beautiful things, but she has to put up with a lot to maintain such a lifestyle. Something somewhere suffers when a woman is in love with a millionaire who is dedicated to the job. Despite all of these cons and more when it comes to dating a millionaire, a woman who has a high tolerance for issues and life of her own will survive such a relationship.

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