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Safety Precautions to take When Visiting Millionaire Dating Websites

There are enough reasons to be very cautious when using Dating Sites especially the millionaire ones...

Dating online is not only fun, but it can also put one's well-being at risk if he or she should meet a dangerous person. Let's face it, not everyone obtains millions of dollars working legitimately. So how does one protect his or herself while dating supposedly rich men and women?

1. Don't share personal or financial information with strangers.

Although this is common sense, it isn't too common with many lonely, "Desperate to find Mr. or Miss Right" singles. The potential millionaire date tells a sad story about not having money, uncaring family and friends, or shares things done to him or her that pulls on one's gullible heart strings. Before long, he or she is taking a chance sending personal information via online or off. Avoid the temptation to want to assist someone online in need of money, gifts and other things. Remember don't give out credit card information, social security information, home and work address, and specific information about your relatives or children.
When you suspect that you might be talking to a scammer, check for the following:

- The person requests to talk with you elsewhere, just not on the millionaire dating site.

- A fake profile that appears online then disappears. Not too long afterward, it shows up again under another false name.

- A stranger flatters you by wanting to send you something in the mail.

- The contact either sounds like he or she doesn't have a good command on the English language when corresponding with you verbally or through email/text.

Take notice when the person is often talking about traveling, yet supposedly lives in the United States. If he or she does the following: frequently makes excuses as to why the individual can't come see you, complains about staying in a hotel, pressures you into coming to see him/her, wants you to prepare his or her meals, help with personal needs, most likely he or she isn't a millionaire.

2. Don't share any personal information until you feel most comfortable conversing with the person online and over the phone.

When the time comes to make arrangements to meet the person, still keep most information private. The person should only know the public location; you are meeting, your real name, and your likes and dislikes. Keep names of people you know to yourself and where you work and with whom.

3. Keep information private until you trust your millionaire date.

If you notice someone online is saying some things that are inappropriate or you feel that the person is being deceptive and is attempting to swindle you out of your money, report the manipulator. Save all written correspondence and voice mails from the scammer.

4. Notify family of your potential love interest and on what day, time and location you plan on meeting this person.

Share a copy of the dating profile and other pertinent information with those you trust. Arrange for a double date or set up an arrangement where your new date can meet relatives and friends.

5. Thoroughly check all millionaire dating websites' policies before joining.

Some will cancel accounts if they discover members are: married, minors, harassing others, asking for money and donations, and saying or doing inappropriate things on and offline.

Other things you might want to consider while dating millionaires:

When you meet someone for the first time, stay in the public and don't drink or ingest anything that will impair your judgment while on a date. Use your own transportation, this way you can leave if you feel uncomfortable. Keep your purse or wallet in view and take it with you when you go to the bathroom or elsewhere.

If you will be meeting your millionaire date out of town, make hotel and car rental arrangements. Avoid spending nights over the stranger's home or riding around in his or her car when this person is still unfamiliar. It is always best to be safe, rather than sorry later.

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