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What is really important in Life ? About Luxury and Material



Material, Luxury World

A Material 7 Luxury World Comprised of Young Women, Millionaire Men in Modern Times

Welcome to a generation of young women who want not only the luxury handbag with designer shoes and a dress to match, but she wants a man by her side that screams, "I made it, daddy! Look at me!"

Oh yes, her daddy may have not been the best dad he could have been, or maybe he didn´t bother to be in her life. So what she needs is a sugar daddy that is more than willing to rock her world!

A young, intelligent woman may be weary of wasting time with men who lack intellectual capabilities to hold a quality conversation and physical abilities to please her. She needs a luxury 7 star man to go with her high end lifestyle, is that you?

Times have been changing in our world for some time now when it comes to age gap dating. Young women nowadays simply are not like those of yesteryear who only wanted a husband and a house. Modern women have a modern belief system coupled with aspirations and they intend on living a far better life than their predecessors. Most likely, she isn´t carrying a bargain basement mindset where she is more concerned about saving every dollar while taking great care to have plenty of money later in life. Most young women are living in the now. She wants material wealth, right along with her man, and possibly marriage and a baby in the now moment when everything seems just right!

Her ideal millionaire man is established, well-rounded, and ready to experience new things with her--at least so she imagines. For instance, she hopes her mature date is generous, kind, and honest. But she also anticipates that he just might be the type that is more interested in sex than a long term romance. So she braces herself. Young women, just like this example, seek to connect with millionaire men who know how to handle them like they do their money. Are you willing to cherish good times in the hopes of using them in the future to enhance the romance? It´s like saving for a rainy day.
Would you be interested in spending not only money, but time too with her? Consider how you spend money, you are careful with it, aren´t you? What about sharing your thoughts and giving free advice and service without payment? Donít you do something like this when you donate your money to charity? And lastly, when you consider all that you have done learning more about her, taking her places, and showing her more about you, she is someone worth keeping around, right? You do this when you invest in your business, career, or other things, correct?

The young lady is like your money, she is active as long as you do something with her. A modern world requires a new way at looking at all things. It wouldn´t be considered "modern" if change didnít occur, so as the world changes, so do our thoughts about dating. Sure, dating can be simple at times, but when the challenges come, and they will, is your investment worth throwing away?

Young women are still easily influenced by everything around them from a mom who worries to an ad in the magazine trying to persuade her yet again to try another product. She may not do everything around her that screams, "Do it!" But her mind can become clouded and before long, she is ready to throw the towel in on just about anything including a millionaire man who just might be right for her. Be prepared for changes in the young ladyís often fast-paced modern world. It beckons her to do some things different, but at the same time it persuades her to update, rearrange or throw out all that is no longer beneficial to her.

The millionaire man must be wise in his selection and watch for clues that something is no longer well with a young woman who may be fickle at times. As for the young woman, she must think beyond her material 7 luxury world in order to remain relevant in a millionaire´s life, because if she doesn´t, she just might end up like others, a cast away without a life jacket.

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