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When Millionaires aren´t that connected anymore



Dating a Millionaire Man

When He Isn't that into You

The sex was great and he acted as if he wanted you to be in his life forever at one point during your time together. However, as the dating relationship grows older, couples change and what you thought was a good thing, ends up being more of the same. Your millionaire date doesn´t appear to like or even want to be around you, so what might you do to find out whether he is having his own share of temporary blues or is he really in fact ready to end a courtship with you?

Ask him how he feels when he is around you.

Do you blow his mind or break his bank account? He could be losing interest in you because every time you are in his presence you are asking him for something. Rich men grow weary of beggars whether they ask nicely or cry about their needs. Focus on doing for yourself and if you do, you just might gain his respect. Offer to pay for something sometimes. Take a break from expensive outings. Cherish moments with him that have nothing to do with spending money.

Are you sincerely attractive underneath all the makeup and pretty clothes?

Many men won´t communicate their dislikes openly especially to their dates about flaws in one´s appearance. A millionaire man will be thinking how his money might enhance what he doesn´t like about you; rather than telling you he doesn´t like unflattering breasts, obesity, strange moles, and hair in or on places that he thinks shouldn´t be. Rather than hurt your feelings, some men will just find a way to distance themselves from women they thought were attractive until they saw them without their face and body decor.

He doesn´t feel there is any connection.

Some women and men in relationships try to make something work that isn´t meant to be. The same holds true when dating. Most couples know when they have made a match. However, when one discovers that the other is really incompatible, he or she may share this information with his or her date. When this happens, the one who still very much likes the other will try to recreate his or herself to fit the person´s ideal mate. Bad idea, if a man doesn´t want to be with his mate he will display signs that push the woman away from him.

There are other fish in the sea.

Rich men have plenty of women to choose from because their money is a magnet for all types. It doesn´t matter how good, bad or otherwise these women are or what the millionaire might look like, if he finds that the fish at home doesn´t hit his spot, he is going to go shopping for the fresh fish elsewhere. Some signs that he is no longer interested are: fewer phone calls, in-person visits, an increase in disputes, disinterest in your daily life, frequent cancellations of dates, avoidance of any conversation about a future with you, and a reduction or absence in gift-giving.

When you notice the millionaire is acting more like a selfish, uncaring, broke man, don´t waste your time trying to prove yourself, move on with your life. Connect with someone who is worthy of your attention and respect.

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