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5 Things Online Millionaire Fakes will do for Sex

Men will do anything to have sex with a "10"...

What will some men do just to get a chance at dating a hot woman? Fake it until they make it. This thought goes beyond the corporate world. When a man who sincerely wants to date a 10 woman, he is going to do whatever it takes to make the connection. What man isn't proud to show off his hot girl to the world while receiving certain perks because of his selection?

Yet, what you see isn't often what you get. The unsuspecting rich girl or wish-to-be one day wealthy type might soon discover that only sex is what the ornery guy really wanted. So what do some of these clever guys do to get the sexy girl in the first place?

1. He tells her everything he thinks she will believe about millionaire living.

From the email exchange to the in-person greeting, the millionaire fake is making small talk about what the woman is wearing in a photograph, where she is located, her interests, and other things. Then he connects those details with a few real or false experiences of his own. "So you were in Hawaii? I was there last year on business…"

2. He lies about where he has been and what he hopes to do in the future.

What hot woman, who is use to being pampered, is going to listen to a fool? So the millionaire fake knows that he is going to have to talk about the life he one day believes he will live rather than the boring one he is living now.

3. He rents or borrows items from rich friends to create an appearance he has a lot of money.

The nice car, fancy home, and cash a date sees during the courtship isn't necessarily his. Some men will flash money meant to be spent, but is merely for show. Others will visit a car dealership and pose next to a car. Then there are those phony rich men who will stand in front of someone else's home. Although these men are very attractive and believable, the truth is they are not always who they claim to be.

4. He touches his date often and flatters her with kind words while they are out.

The millionaire scam artist wants to make his date feel at ease, so he will do much questioning her and less talking about himself. The more relaxed she feels, the more likely he will get to have sex with her.

5. He makes promises he doesn't intend to keep.

Since the date doesn't quite know how to tell when the faux millionaire is lying, he is able to say almost anything to make the young lady believe that she is not giving up something to get nothing. So he might say things like, "When this next deal happens, I will buy you…I really think you're special so here is what I'm going to do…I think you might be the one…One day I hope to marry you…"

Once the fake millionaire notices that his date is very interested in him and willing to have sex, he plans a day and time for them to meet or permits her to do so. Once he has had sex with her, he becomes distant particularly if he has no sincere interest in keeping the young woman around.

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