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Why there are more important things than Money!



Why money isn´t everything

When Being with a Millionaire Gentleman Means More than Just Money

What Should Young Women Expect When Dating Millionaires

A young woman may have a strong desire to want to be with a millionaire Sugar Daddy at least in the beginning of the relationship because he has money, but in time, things change.

Money isn´t everything, but neither is being penniless and in love. Eventually, being broke gets old! In the past, the young woman may have witnessed family members struggle with money woes. She may have got with a partner who also cried the money blues, so the last thing she wants is to be in love with someone, yet fight everyday about money.

The money problem was solved once the young woman felt like her date wasn´t acting spastic over how much something cost. Now she is watching to see what else the man has besides money. So what might she be looking for?

Does he take care of himself?

Men who don´t take the time to dress well, smell good, and overall show the world that they love themselves, aren´t the ones who can keep a woman on their arms for long. Being with a younger woman is going to require energy. Some men like to blame women for their short-comings, but the truth is when an older man fails to do what´s right for his body, it is he that is to blame and replacing one woman for another is not going to change his situation.

Will he love her?

A young woman who has been through relationship storms in the past is concerned about what the future holds when she gives of her time, service, money, etc. She wants to know whether her date is the loving type, a man who isn´t cold-hearted, but kind and sensitive to her needs.

Is he responsible?

From paying bills to handling dinner reservations, it is assumed by a younger woman that a mature gentleman is going to handle important tasks with ease. "He didnít get his millions being irresponsible," she thinks. So his date will be watching to see if things go well when he plans them and how he deals with other people and their belongings, requests, and other things.

Does he come with a lot of baggage?

Angry exes, disrespectful children, a former girlfriend´s overnight bag that she keeps promising to pick up, and lust-filled phone calls from past and potential sex partners, is all considered baggage. A date, especially one who has experienced far too much drama in the past, isn´t looking to inherit new problems. When she asks questions like, "Who is that? Are you serious about dating me exclusively?" She is beginning to fall in love and she hopes that her mature date knows that some baggage just isn´t acceptable on the couple´s trip of future possibilities. If you aren´t interested in committing after some time dating, don´t string her along, tell her so in the most gentle and respectful sort of way. A millionaire can afford to give a young lady a parting gift.

Can she trust him?

"Tell the truth," this is something she might be thinking when she asks her gentleman suitor questions like, "So why are you really so late picking me up? Were you really at home last night? Did you really come from work straight here?" The young woman doesn´t want to have to worry over whether her date is someone that is going to tell yet another lie.

Is he willing to meet her needs?

A millionaire is use to helping others, at least so the young woman believes. So she wonders is her mature date going to sincerely make time for her after the first, second, third or future dates? For instance, what if she requests going some place that might not be her dateís favorite spot, is her mature date going to insist she change her mind and go elsewhere? When she objects to something, prefers to do something different than what her date suggests, or has some kind of dilemma, will he meet her needs on an emotional and physical level? There are some mature men that might be willing to stop at a local coffee shop, order drinks, and observe the public walking by and not say much to their partners, meanwhile the young ladies are dying inside from a need to communicate.

Does he have the potential to be a good friend to her?

When she is going through challenges like being sick and shut-in, is her date capable of being a friend? Young women desire a man that is going to be there for them without hesitation or excuse. Maybe males in her family failed her and former friends took advantage of her, she is hoping that her date isnít going to be a repeat of those who came before him.

As you think about what young women desire more from older men other than money, try not to be so protective of your money in the process. This can be a turn-off for her, because a man can be so focused on his money that he doesn´t see the good in the young woman seated across from him. Treat each date differently and keep in mind, that what you bring to the table may be all that she sees if you donít try different things to keep her interest

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