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Things You Can Do If You Suspect that a Wealthy Man Has a Spouse or Lovers

Patience is needed finding out and getting to know each other for a relationship

If you suspect a date has a wife and possibly seeing someone else, do some investigating. You may have already done the obvious that most advisors recommend such as check for noticeable signs, change up routines by making surprise visits, and quite boldly ask him if there is someone else he is attached to or dating. However, there are other things you might want to do to find out if your date is married or seeing other people.

Check public records.

If a man is married, there will be a legal trail somewhere. Find out enough information about him so that you can check court records. Some websites will charge a small fee to perform this service.

Get a timeline of his life, so that you can learn more about him. Then search online. A photo with him and his spouse may come up in the search engines via social networking page, newspapers, video, and more. Sometimes married men are more comfortable talking about relatives and friends, so get those names and view their pages. Chances are you just might see a photograph of your date with someone else.

Ask questions about his past or present relationships.

Ask him in-person and over the phone if he is married or dating others. He may stammer and stutter if caught off guard over the phone. If you ask your date in-person then take notice of his mannerisms. If his eyes are shifty or he looks like he is trying real hard to not blink or look away, he is lying. If he turns the tables on you with a subtle defensive glare or appears very serious and not so friendly, he has someone else. If he is quiet, looks down and starts off with a story about being separated or planning to divorce, remember the man is still married. Don´t take a chance staying with someone who just might have a stressed out wife or girlfriend who has been through much trying to maintain the relationship. If she finds out about you, she just might make your life difficult.

Compare the recent stories he tells with the past ones.

It may have been awhile since you sat back and analyzed what he told you. Find out what his plans are and then note what he says include dates and times. Check up on any travel arrangements, events, and anything else he claims he will be doing. Never mention you are doing this, because it will only make him do better about hiding things from you. Then a week later or so, start up a conversation about the things he has been up to lately and notice whether his story-telling checks out. Pay close attention to days and times. Say nothing when you notice his story doesn't check out.

Perform a background check.

If you have yet to do this, then you just might. A full background check including criminal history will reveal any assets shared with a spouse. You may also be able to obtain a credit history, find out more online about how to do that.

Kill routines.

Committed men have schedules that they must follow and on some days there is no way around them particularly when they are responsible for children. They will be unwilling to compromise when they have family responsibilities. Occasionally break routines and patterns sometimes when you call and meet with him. Notice how he reacts. Most likely, he will find ways to keep from breaking his work schedule.

Call from a different phone number or block caller Id when it appears that he doesn't answer your phone calls during certain hours and days especially evenings, late nights and weekends. Some married men will claim that they go to bed early just so that you won't call. A single man very interested in hearing from a lady friend will make himself available as much as possible. He will also give alternative phone numbers, if possible, so that he can be reached.

Drive by his residence once you know where he lives during an evening or on a weekend. Observe whether there are other automobiles, a woman or children outside the home and anything left on the lawn such as toys. If he stays at an apartment complex with someone, the person's name will appear either inside or outside a mailbox or in a directory.

Surprise your date at least once at a location he claims to live or hang out. Afterward, watch how hehaves. Did he appear irritated about your coming around unannounced despite having a hot meal, a gift or something else in hand? If so, you will want to pay attention if he appears extra cautious in the future about telling you where he might be.

Get a snapshot of him and his automobile then show it to family members and friends. They may recognize him and tell you if they have seen him around town with another woman. If he acts as if he doesn´t want to be photographed or looks away or puts his head down while being photographed with you, he is seeing someone else. An available man would have no problem being photographed with a new date.

The more you learn about your date, before you sleep with him, the more likely you won´t feel vulnerable and insecure about what he does and doesn´t do in your presence. It will be very easy to disconnect from him once you discover that there is more to his life than what he is telling you.

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