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About Control and Love, when Millionaires persuade and become tricky...



A Millionaires Promises...

When His Promises are Really about Control and Not Love

The mature millionaire claims he loves his young date after getting to know her for some time. He tells her that he wants to keep seeing her, suggests places to go in the future, and offers to help her with many of her bills. He appears to be a great guy, generous, patient and a real sweetheart who knows what he wants. When compared to other men, he appears to be better than they. But underneath his nice exterior is a man, battling with personal demons, and one of them is the need to control everyone who comes in contact with him.

This particular rich man didn´t make his millions by letting others boss him around and he wasn´t interested in being the submissive type to superiors. He learned what he could from them and took off--becoming the first to achieve much in his family and elsewhere.

Now when you reflect on what a millionaire man has said to you about his accomplishments and you watch how he interacts with you, do you notice anything odd? Do you feel like at times you are another character in his world that he must write a script for? Maybe it´s too early to tell, but something to think about for the future.

When a man seems to be too good to be true in the beginning of a dating relationship, rather than move full speed ahead, a young, wise woman would step back and learn more things about her mature, rich date. Millionaires study people and find ways to use them to meet needs whether mental or physical. Ponder on whether what he says about loving you really has anything to do with how he truly feels. Observe his actions and reactions to the things you say and do. Does he make you feel nervous sometimes--fearful about rejecting or disappointing him? Negative emotions donít tend to manifest until the relationship has aged a bit. Notice warning signs that say, "This one is a control freak--watch out!"

Unhealthy signs of controlling behaviors

When we think of a controlling person, one of the first things we think of is the way they talk. They are usually persuasive. They are talented at getting others to do something they rather not. A wealthy man is skilled at doing just that! He can get people to buy products, give him money, move a fellow businessman to work out a deal and more. An unsuspecting young woman, who isnít interested in nothing more than a good time with her date, isn´t thinking too deeply about the gentlemanís true intentions, so it is only a matter of time that the controlling type will trap her.

Some difficult, rich men, with much baggage, are very nice about getting their way, they smile, hand hold and are generous, at least temporarily. Then there are other controlling types who are bold about what they want ,and if needs aren´t met, they figure out a way to cause a little discomfort for others. Then there are those controlling individuals, who are sweet about getting others to do for them, will use a myriad of ways to get their goals accomplished. Sad stories, cries for help, flattery, and oh yes, promises to "do for you if you do for me" just wisper from moist lips. But the reality is that if a young woman canít see through a manipulative man´s smokescreen she will have much to deal with concerning him.

Some mature men tend to boss young women around because they can get away with doing it. They know that many young women are just starting out in life, don´t have much material wealth, and are in need of many things, so they know the youthful will tolerate controlling behavior at least for a time.

Exaggerations and lies

Sometimes just asking a date a favor doesn´t go over so well especially after the man had promised to do something for her in the first place. Therefore, a mean-spirited man just might come up with a make-believe event to pull on the heart strings of a gullible, young woman, so that she will forget about what he said. If she feels like something is wrong with his story, she just might check up on him. But his lies and exaggerations is all about maintaining control in the relationship. If he isn´t ready to end the dating relationship, he is going to come up with a few tricks to keep his young partner around.

Places blame when he has failed to keep promises

His young date notices that something he promised to do never got done, so she talks to him about it. He becomes visibly upset, starts to vent, and blames her for everything that went wrong and why he couldn´t get a certain thing he promised her done. When this happens, for some young women they take responsibility even when they shouldn´t. The controlling man hopes that you don´t bring up what he said again and hold him accountable, but do it anyway if this is happening to you.

Uses sex to distract you from questioning him, being disappointed etc.

He may have angered you about not keeping his word, but he has a cure for that, he will just use foreplay to make you forget. He will offer sex in the hopes that you will be so turned on by him that you will overlook his faults.

Hoping you won´t expose falsehoods or will ignore them

The rich man has a reputation to uphold, so he doesnít want it getting out about him not doing what he has promised. He just might tell another promise to make up for the last promise broken, taking much care this time to do whatís right. But how long he keeps his act up one never knows.

Puts up an objection when you want to be independent of him

When you come to the realization that what you thought was love was really about control with your date, he may not let you go without an emotional outburst. He may also find ways to get you to come back to him with yet another promise.

Acts overly concerned about your safety and whereabouts

Rich men can be powerful. So if he feels like you donít trust or believe in him anymore, yet he still wants you, he will act more interested in you, because he feels like he is losing you. He will come up with some flattering words to keep you interested in him.

Jealous when another man likes or takes an in interest in you

Whether the man is older or younger, your date who once enjoyed the control he has over you, now feels threatened. He doesn´t like the idea that someone else is assisting, dating, or teaching youódoesn´t matter if father, brother, uncle, best friend, ex, stranger, etc. especially when he has failed. Things can get intense at this point in the relationship so be wise and donít deliberately do things to set him off. Sometimes young women react in ways that are spiteful because they failed to get what they want from their dates. Rich, controlling men have enough wealth, and sometimes plenty of time, to play a mind game or two on a scorned young woman.

Accept the fact that you might have stumbled on a controlling, rich older man who just doesn´t keep his word about anything and then move on. Don´t waste time arguing with him especially when you know you no longer want to be with him. Rather, explain how you feel when promises are broken. Maintain self-control and wait for your needs to be addressed. If promises are left unfulfilled, then it is safe to say your date can´t be trusted.

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