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Date a Millionaire Who Sincerely Loves Women

Aspects of Love

Not every man enjoys having an intimate relationship with a woman although he will swear that he does. The reason for this is due to a difficult upbringing-more specifically a bad relationship with his mother, or lack thereof, in addition to any other woman who he may have wished to be close to while growing up.

All the money in the world will not make a man appreciate and love a woman no matter how beautiful, unique, and intelligent she is. Some men see only what they can get from them which is usually a sexual experience. They have little interest in getting to know them.

When dating a millionaire, notice how he talks about the women in his life i.e.) mother, sister, grandmother, aunts, etc. You will find that money has not been a cure all for an emotional man who is carrying the weight of his past on his back. He may become visibly irritated, moody or angry when he talks about certain women who you would think he would really like or love given all that they may have done for him. However, some men hold on to verbal insults, physical assaults, and anything else a woman may have done to him even if he was the agitator or swung the first blow.

Some men will hide behind their money and assets in the hopes that you will not see how troubled they really are. Many millionaires may look and act confidently, but deep inside there is a little boy who never forgave a woman or girl for what she did to him. The mean-spirited boy might show up in disputes all-too-ready to put a woman down or worse fight her.

A man with much money tends to have access to many women and will not necessarily be faithful to any one of them. He will wine, dine, and have sex with one or many during different intervals in his life. When experiencing highs and lows, his selection of women and his experiences with them might reflect his moods at different times. While the women focus on his wealth, he is more interested in how a woman makes him feel for the time being until the newness wears off and then on to the next one.

When a young woman sees negative behavior in a rich man and she feels disrespected, used or even abused, she must free herself. Take the time to make yourself available to a man who sincerely shows a genuine compassion for the opposite sex. If you observe a moody man with much riches, you will find that his job, car, gadgets, home, and other things are more important than people. He may even tell you so. Some men will brag about their pets, but speak negatively about their relatives and friends saying things like, "I love my dog, he's been my best friend…he is so loyal...but many women I have met are so disloyal…I can see why my dad divorced my mother." Negative talk such is this is a red flag that he will expect that you will be just like all the rest and when you make a mistake, he will not hesitate to hurt your feelings because you hurt his whether you realize it or not.

A man with much wealth can use his millions to buy and sell people if they should let him. He can buy friendships for a time, use people to do things for him, and offer them to others in exchange for favors. A man who doesn't love women, especially the gold-digger type, has no compassion for others' feelings and doesn't consider how his actions negatively impact others.

You will know when a rich man respects and loves the women around him, because he will speak positively about them and be careful about sharing any stories that depict them negatively. For instance, a son will speak highly of his mother and will not let others badmouth her. He will listen to elder as well as younger women when they speak, and behave respectfully when in their presence. A man who really desires to be in a good relationship with a woman is open to talking about marriage and family and will express his interest in seeking an exclusive relationship. However, men who lust women, who enjoy switching partners every other week, will not welcome any lively discussion about commitment. They will find creative ways to avoid talking about exclusivity. These men, who claim to love women, tend to have a long history of breakups. They talk evilly about a mother or stepmother and bring up childhood stories that most adults would have long forgotten. They usually have a child or children they have left behind while blaming the mother for all that went wrong in the relationship. They are typically unhappy and are easily angered when conversing with women about subject matter they know little about and aren't interested in learning more about it from a woman. They joke about women and "their issues" or speak badly about women to friends. They have little patience and time for women once they have become intimate with them.

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