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Millionaire, Wealthy Men and Women - Pros and Cons to Dating Them

Dating the rich and young, things you have to know

Dating a millionaire does have its share of differences as compared to dating men and women in other social classes. For many millionaire men and women, they are use to conversing with the like-minded, attending events that ordinary folks don't enjoy, taking risks with their finances that many middle class individuals would shy away from, and more. However, despite living a luxurious life and having a network of successful people around them, millionaires come with their share of pros and cons when dating them. Please be advised these pros and cons don´t apply to all. Also, you will find out more advantages and disadvantages to dating millionaires the more you date them.


1. They are often focused individuals who will lend their skills at times to benefit others. If you have a thought-provoking idea and have done some things to get it off the ground, a millionaire who might see the profit potential in it might contribute. One, who doesn´t have much education or money, will not contribute much to the conversation.

2. They don´t mind sharing their vast knowledge, so they are great people to talk to about life choices. Successful people love talking about themselves and their achievements. Stroke their ego, and out will come a flood of insightful information.

3. They are typically hard-workers, so when given a task, they will ensure that it is done correctly. If a millionaire should help you with a project, you are in good hands if the person has demonstrated great leadership abilities, is dependable and patient.

4. They have influence over others. They can tap their network of people when in need. Knowing a rich person is good for business, if you have helped them in some way, they might make a few phone calls to get some things done for you.

5. They may share their money and material assets with you. Sometimes a wealthy person might be so impressed with his new friend that he will give this person some money and gifts.

6. They are often admired by the public, so there are some perks when being around the wealthy. When someone discovers that you know a public figure, it makes you look good in their eyes; therefore increasing your clout with various groups and individuals.


1. They can be selfish, tightfisted and despicable when it comes to making, keeping, or spending money. A millionaire may have lost much money in the past and hurt for months or years about it. When you meet such a person, they may have demeanor that is not good to be around. Chances are you will get nothing from this person, but a trip to an inexpensive restaurant while they hope they get something from you for nothing.

2. There are times when they are most secretive about what and who they know. Most millionaires don´t tell everything they do to obtain much money. If they did, everyone would be competing with one another. However, some will share secrets, but realize they don't have the heart, mind or work ethic to do what the millionaire does.

3. They can be self-absorbed. A rich man can be so prideful about his accomplishments to the point that he sees no one but himself. When this happens, there is little room in his life for heart-felt intimacy.

4. They can be very busy and will expect you to be understanding. One who is use to a work schedule that demands a lot doesn´t care much about the world outside of him when money is at stake. Make too much of a stink about his working late, and he will have no problem cancelling a future date.

5. They can be over-the-top about their material wealth to the point that they trust no one. From who drives his car to who stays in his house, some rich men will not open their doors or wallets to most people because they are fearful of accidents and thieves.

6. They can be aloof at times. A driven millionaire may become quite distant from family and friends he doesn´t want to experience anything with potentially negative people that could disrupt his focus on work.

When you experience more positives than negatives while dating a millionaire, keep that person in your life if nothing more than a friend. Being acquainted with millionaires and having a positive mindset toward them will invite much opportunity. Check jealous feelings, personal insecurities, and a know-it-all attitude at the door when dating millionaires.

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