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Unattractive Millionaires and Why Beautiful Women Date Them

Again its Money attracting...

We have all seen the ugly man walk hand-in-hand with a beautiful woman. Most observers will comment, "It must be the money, because no woman in her right mind would date someone who looks like that!" Money is a magnet, but what onlookers don´t think about are the other traits an ugly man has besides his money that help him catch and keep a gorgeous looking woman.

There are intelligent, ugly rich men who know how to motivate attractive women who have issues like: low self-esteem, sex appeal, and fashion sense to bring out the beauty within. Many of these ladies don't realize just how pretty they are inside and out. Years of being abused emotionally, physically or spiritually will break any nice-looking woman down. The unattractive man helps her restore her self-worth and inspires her to look dazzling again! He encourages her to look her best! He knows when his date is an eye-catche; people will also pay attention to him. Family and friends of his date may even thank him for bringing the "glow back to a daughter´s face, uplifting a friendůmaking her look and feel beautiful again!"

While sexy, gorgeous hunks are focused on maintaining their good looks, they often miss out on the diamond in the rough. The ugly men will do what an arrogant, rich man won't, they often compliment their dates. They share positive thoughts about their date´s talents and skills. Some of these mature, unattractive men say the kind of things that inspire their good-looking partners to keep living when maybe at one time in their lives they wanted to die. Of course, not all gorgeous looking women are heartbroken, suicidal, or depressed, some simply look beyond the appearance of their partners and focus on their good qualities.

During the courtship, women will tell their unappealing dates what they seek in a man and their unappealing dates will become just that. Meanwhile, some handsome men will ignore their dates´ desires, because they are too focused on getting their needs met on looks alone. For instance, if the single woman shared with her date that she wanted an honest, trustworthy, fun guy who is a good listener, the ugly man will be certain to represent himself well to keep her interest thereby gaining her affection.

Some unattractive men won't shy away from a conversation about marriage. These men know that deep in the hearts of many single women they want to be in a committed relationship, so rather than digress when the topic comes up, they welcome it; they know that they can win their dates´ hearts by making them feel like they are capable of having a permanent place in their lives which includes a posh lifestyle. These men don´t look so ugly when their money, fame and power take center stage.

Women love to be romanced, so to make up for their shortcomings in looks, the ugly men will take care to make their dates feel more like women and less like objects. A sexy man doesn´t care too much about his dates' minds; he just wants to appease his flesh.

As for maturity and stability, two important attributes young women seek when dating men, unattractive single men know that they have to display both in their personal and professional lives. To keep any woman on one's arm, he must show that he is worthy. No woman wants to experience financial hardship and an unstable lifestyle with any man, ugly or not.

So when you find yourself questioning, "Why are so many hot girls going out with unattractive men?" Know that there is more than just money that keeps young women coming back for more.

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