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There are big Expectations when seeking a Millionaire



How to Marry a Millionaire

What Young Ladies can do when marrying Millionaires

If you are going to plan to marry a millionaire or any man of wealth, then you will need to present yourself worthy of that man´s lifestyle. Most women don´t land millionaires because they aren´t around any men of status. They don´t step out of their comfort zones long enough to attract millionaires. A woman who hopes to marry a millionaire one day, will want to be open to all sorts of men, from a variety of cultures, and social classes.

One size just doesn´t fit all when dating rich men. You will have to ask yourself while getting to know your dates, "What am I willing to put up with? A content man, a serious one, a lazy guy who delegates all his responsibilities, a greedy workaholic type, etc.? What type of appearance will be okay with me? An obese man, a skinny man, an average build, a black, brown or white guy? What might I have to sacrifice personally and/or professionally in order to be available to the millionaire man? My career, send my children off to live with their dad, sell my assets and relocate, accept an open marriage? "

Women, who desire a life without little worry over finances, must know that not all millionaires are attractive, polite, patient, and loving. Some might be angry, miserable, and unkind toward others. You will want to ask yourself, "Is my personality tough enough to deal with the possibility that I might land a man who is generous with his money, but has a lot of baggage that comes with him?"

The dating experience typically starts off wonderful. Most women enjoy the outings with their rich men and the gifts they give. However, in time, as two people get to know one another, the ugliness of their personalities begins to show up. Uncomfortable feelings arise within these single women and in time they realize the pain one might have to deal with while dating a rich man just isn´t worth it. Some of these women, often labeled gold-diggers, don´t commit themselves to one man when trouble brews, but will find multiple men to suit their needs over time. The woman who lands a rich man endures through both good and bad times. There is no varying degrees with her, so when the rich man notices this type, he is more likely to want something permanent.

Have a millionaire mindset that is free of myths.

In order for one to achieve great wealth, he educates himself about the ventures he wants to pursue. A woman who hopes to be a part of a millionaire´s world, must be willing to familiarize herself on her future husband´s mindset when it comes to achieving his goals. Her plans might have to be put on hold until the millionaire gentleman feels like she is trustworthy and dedicated to being with him. The woman must not be a hindrance to her gentleman suitor, but a motivatoróone who is supportive. In the meantime, it would be wise for the hopeful wife-to-be to have her own dreams and the willingness to work to make them happen. When the millionaire sees that his lover is determined to be successful, he just might offer to help.

Knowing the inner workings of the millionaire man.

Does the young woman have any insight on her potential husbandís mindset? The women who are married to wealthy men take the time to learn their men, during the courtship, like a college student studying a textbook. Does she know when her mate is happy, sad, jealous, or bitter? Does she know what to say and do to get him out of his grim mood and put a smile on his face? Is she understanding even when her lover is irritated? Does she give her partner adequate space? It seems like a lot of responsibility placed on the women to be attentive to their astute mates, but when they desire a rich lifestyle, these women must do more than the average woman who thinks that all things are equal when it comes to love and war. In a household where a woman is the breadwinner or the two make close to the same amount of money that could be true, but this is not the cardinal rule in the rich manís world.

Successful people think and live differently that is why not every woman or man can be or stay in a relationship with a wealthy individual. Being prosperous is a lifestyle that isnít for the weak-minded. One must be mentally strong to stand up against those who are envious that look for ways to steal a rich manís wealth. The millionaire needs to know that his partner will protect his assets and not side with the broke, busted and disgusted in an effort to bring him down just because she might be a woman scorned. So the wealthy man is typically cautious of conniving womenóno matter how beautiful and charming they might be. Some will settle for the not-so glamorous type just because they can trust her.

Placing yourself at the right place at the right time.

Women who seek millionaires don´t go to places where the poor hang out. Sometimes a rich man may be visiting in a ghetto, returning back to a childhood neighborhood, or hanging out in a local bar, but many millionaires are spending time in establishments where other successful people frequent. It is up to you to research what those places are in your area. You may find some rich men in places like high-end department stores and pricey restaurants, but you may be surprised to find that certain coffee shops are where others like to do business while others take some time out to visit popular churches. You never know where and when you might bump into a millionaire, who knows maybe at a local doctor´s office?

Being attentive.

When you feel that you are ready to go all the way with a wealthy man and he approves of you, you will always need to present your best self. Of course, there will be moments when you wonít have your best days, but snap out of your mood quickly. Take some time to check out of yourself, and check in with your man.

Sharing your personal beliefs from the start.

If marriage is what you want, then make it plain rarely and briefly. It would make sense not to give up everything about you so soon. For instance, making yourself available for sex often is not going to keep your man. Allow some space for him to miss you and fantasize what it would be like waking up to you. Try not to be at his home or invite him over your home so much that he grows weary of you. Keep your personal beliefs in place and donít deviate from them no matter how weak you might get. He will respect you and your wishes when you are polite about sharing them, while dedicated to protecting yourself. For example, a personal belief might be, "I prefer not to have sex prior to marriage, but I understand that passion might get the best of us. If that should happen, please know I seek a husband not a temporary lover."

Impacting the millionaire´s circle of friends.

How you present yourself before his family and friends will also help with your future marriage plans. You must always be friendly and positive around them. Take the time to help whenever possible. Show your future husband that you are a caring person, unselfish, and are able to take interest in those who love him. Bring up wanting to meet family members, even if you donít want to, one day during conversation. This is a good way of discovering what the family environment might be like if the two of you should one day marry.

Assisting him with his business endeavors.

When you take the time to assist your man with his needs, he will take notice. Most likely, he is use to dating women who take, but rarely invest anything significant to the relationship, but sex.

When you take the time to delve deep when it comes to getting to know your potential husband, you will discover rather quickly whether or not your rich date is in fact someone you might see in your future and whether you are able to handle the money, fame and power that comes with him.

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