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Smart young Women challenge the Millionaire

What Does a Smart Young Woman Want in a Millionaire

Many young, single, immature women aren´t looking for much in a date just a periodic night of romance and new places to discover together, but those who want more out of life, besides a job and a nice car, want it all! From marriage to a baby in a carriage, they desire a handsome, intelligent partner, a nice house, money in their savings account, a great intimate relationship, family vacations, shopping sprees, and more.

A millionaire must be thorough in determining who he wants to date for now, for later, or possibly for the rest of his life! Yet, one of the more important reasons why young ladies seek millionaires, over half their age, is because these older men offer far more than the Average Joes--they believe men with money, power and fame can make their dreams a reality. Who knows you might be that special guy for a young woman who has been fantasizing about you since she was a little girl?

Young women desire educated men who are good-looking, honest, and active in their pursuits among other things. They expect wealthy older men to have charisma, self-control, be cultured, and treat them warmly. These women hope to live without the worry of finances, because they most likely went through various money challenges in previous relationships. Intelligent, young women, who are aspiring to be successes in their lives, would much rather share their dreams with millionaire men who "get" them--men who are truly interested in learning more about them besides what is under their dresses.

Many of these hard-working, independent types try hard to impress their gentlemen suitors from taking great care to look beautiful to having some knowledge of thought-provoking subject matter that just might add to their millionaire man´s wealth. Each young woman is unique in her own special way, but most have seven things they want from their millionaire dates.

1. Security.

You may have read and heard this over and over again about young women dating older men for security, but it is so true! A young woman wants to be certain that if she should one day consider dating her millionaire man exclusively that he can honestly take care of her. She needs to feel confident of the following: that he isn´t just over broke, his job/business isn´t at risk, and she isn´t being used and abused in an effort to fill a phony millionaire´s pockets. Itís unfortunate, but there are those men who pose like they have millions, when in fact they have a net worth that is´t anything to talk about. These poor men can barely feed and house themselves each month, so how could they ever take care of a woman and possibly children?

2. Travel.

Most young women like to visit new places. Therefore, they assume millionaire men enjoy the same. So many hope that sooner or later a millionaire date will say something like, "Would you mind accompanying me on a trip to the Cayman Islands this month and then another upcoming trip to Paris, honey?" But of course, my dear.

3. Generosity.

Is it too much to ask a potential partner to be generous? Well, for some dates it is and a young woman who has a big heart is turned off when a mature man starts acting like a miser. She doesn´t want to hear about millions that he isnít willing to share. Now, a wise young woman does understand that to accrue great wealth budgeting must take place and one must earn her keep, so she waits patiently.

4. Patience.

Must a young woman ask this of her mature millionaire gentleman, "Would you please be patient with me?" Don´t expect her to talk, walk, and react a little slower with you, if you can´t manage to muster a little patience for her. Young, fast women need that special someone to show them how to sit back and revel in the moment and if the old guy is impatient, then heís not going to keep that gorgeous sweetheart on his arm for long. Beauty takes time and sex might take a little longer for some women, so don´t rush them!

5. Knowledge.

"Is he wise or is he a fool?" his lady friend thinks. The young woman is listening and watching and listening some more while watching her mature partner talk on the phone, drive, handle household tasks, converse with others in public, and so on. Does the word, "mature" really describe her older date? If she determines that he is an old fool, then she is going to play her millionaire beau like one. Money will soon be separated from him and off she will go. But if she notices that he has some wisdom about himself, she will stick around to find out more about him. The skillful woman who has dated many older men knows that her beauty, charm, and any other bag of tricks she might have used in the past, won´t get her very far with the discerning millionaire, older man. A mature date might want to give the young woman something she may have not ever had before from males who have come and gone in her life, knowledge about the male species that goes beyond what her mother has told her, media has brainwashed her with and what the textbook says about men, more specifically, you.

6. Assistance with dreams.

Being involved with a young woman is similar to a teacher/student relationship, there comes a point where the teacher is going to want to be sure that everything he or she has said to the student is going to lead him or her on a path that accomplishes one´s goals. When the young woman shares thoughts about her present projects and future endeavors, she isn´t just talking to hear herself talk, she is testing you to see if you are someone that might be mentally and physically supportive. If she discovers that you rather just have sex with her and keep her around for your own selfish needs, she won´t be around for long no matter how much you buy her affection. Give her something to think about like resources that will propel her to be all that she can be with you; rather than without you.

7. Business connections.

Part of assisting the young lady with her dreams is learning enough about her that maybe you could drop her name in someone´s ear and maybe you could arrange a meeting with someone who just might be a great mentor for her. Of course, you wouldn´t give her your closest friends´ names and phone numbers if you barely know her. But in the future, who knows, what might happen. The young lady who has you in awe these days might be worth far more than you had ever imagined.

Take the time to get to know that pretty face. She is telling you verbally and non-verbally what she wants from you, and even if you find that all she wants is money and a good time, utilize your remaining time together wisely, show her the truth about herself and the kind of person you truly are. She may not appreciate your knowledge now, but she will one day. A millionaire man, not only has millions, but a smart, young woman expects him to have gold nuggets of wisdom, so share them!

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