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Test Your Mature Millionaire Man: Tips on Whether He is Your One

Its never good to think you are "the (only) One"

So you already know he has a lot of money, the millionaire man is generous, and he enjoys your company, but what more do you need to know when it comes to relating to him and building a long-lasting relationship?

Initial expectations

Have your thoughts of him changed since you first started dating the rich man and have you noticed any difference in him? Is he fulfilling promises and using his money and assets to help? If things seem to be stagnant, like he doesn't want to do anything that cost money, and there is a lack of interest in learning more about you (or you discovering more about him), chances are this relationship just might not be long-term. Couples who are genuinely interested in one another for numerous reasons, besides wealth, will work daily to learn more about one another especially in new relationships.


What do you know about the mature man's age group and can you deal with the challenges that come up when dating someone older and possibly wiser than you? There simply are things that come up in relationships that a large bank account can't solve like: personal dissatisfaction, resentment, jealousy, and mean-spiritedness. If you are easily irritated, impatient, or have issues with your father and other males, you might want to think again about seriously committing to this man. Mental health and bodily changes are inevitable-things will change! Also, consider this, if you desire a baby and he doesn't, this too will drive some major stress in your relationship with him. A man going through mid-life issues is already stressed and having a baby with him that he doesn't really want can cause even more challenges!


Is it possible to remain committed to someone who just might not be what you think he is as you learn more about him-what if he really isn't a millionaire man? You will know in time how committed you are to being with him and vice versa especially when the two of you begin to have disagreements over finances, other women, health, work, family, etc. Notice how he behaves (as well as your self) after a dispute. Are you regretting your decision to be in a committed relationship with him or are you telling yourself, "It's just one of those days, we'll get over it."

Healing from the past

If the wealthy man reminds you of your past, often brings up your past or his, and you can't seem to get over your past, then there is a good possibility that the relationship might not heal from the past. What we have done in yesteryears has a way of suffocating any possibility of being with someone in a healthy relationship if we let it.

Loved Ones

As much as we would like to just have a relationship with the man we love and little, if any, with his relatives and friends, the day will come where we will have to look into the eyes of someone in his circle that just might not like us. You will want to learn just how influential relatives and friends can be when communicating with your wealthy man. Sometimes loved ones use and abuse their rich relatives consider any outsiders a threat. His dysfunctional loved ones just might work to destroy your relationship with him, because they know that you will get some of his wealth. You just might have to win some friends in an effort to stay in the rich man's circle.

When you test your millionaire man in conversation with these suggested tips, do keep in mind that they might result in a dispute. No one likes to be deeply questioned on what their thoughts and reactions might be to sensitive subject matter. However, your life is important and who you permit to be close to you is equally important. Money means nothing if there is no love to go along with it!

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