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Life of Rich men, examples and facts



Millionaire Madness: How Some Millionaires Really Live

Have you ever thought about how and where Millionaires live their Life?

We assume rich men live lavishly, but the truth is this isn't always the case. The following are three personality types to watch out for that will bring the truth to light.

Millionaire Michael

This is the man who looks like an angel, blessed, attractive and has much. He lives in a mansion, operates an impressive boat, and has a hot car like what you see many celebrities show-off on television. There's just one problem, he doesn't own any of these things. He rents his "toys" or the company he works for allows him to use them for a limited time. He might rent the yacht for a special event. Impress his friends with a new sports car. But when he isn't in the mood to prove a point or build his reputation up with certain circles or lovers, he returns those things back to the businesses that own them.

Millionaire Mean

He claims to have more than enough finances, but hoards his money like he will never get anymore. He periodically has these moments when he is quite generous, in his eyes. But then his gift-giving stops and begins his rant about the bills he needs to pay, the money he wants to save, and more. Millionaire Mean is strict on his significant, his children and anyone who might potentially affect his money. He considers most people "beggars" and doesn't like sharing his wealth unless there is something in it for him. His children have to earn his money; there are no hand-outs with him. If he sees his money is being wasted on frivolous things, he will pout, curse and might even threaten to discontinue service with any and everyone. He buys top quality items typically for himself, but for others he expects the items to be discounted or given freely. He tends to own most of what he has.

Millionaire Mighty

He knows how powerful he is because he has much money. He will not hesitate to use his wealth to get what he wants when he wants it. Millionaire Mighty always has a plan. If he wants sex with the hottest girl in the place, he knows how to flash a wad of cash. If he wants something someone else has, he will offer a generous proposal that mainly benefits him in the long-run. If he wants to keep certain people working for him, despite treating them sub par at times, he knows how to throw money at them to keep them around just a little while longer. He usually has a fabulous place, a large circle of friends, and brags about his lavish lifestyle since he genuinely owns much of what he has.

These three personality types usually don't make great catches. They have many challenges with keeping, spending, and giving money away due to their sneaky ways. Relatives most likely had issues with them over finances. Some millionaire men lie, steal, and even kill to protect assets. The "good guys," so to speak, are less concerned about money and assets and more concerned about the people connections they make.

Quality millionaire men are genuinely good-hearted, honest and there is no trouble added to their gift-giving, investing, and assistance.

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