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There are big Expectations when seeking a Millionaire



About Expectations in a Millionaire

What Should Young Women Expect When Dating Millionaires

You aren´t seeking just any millionaire, there are sleazy businessmen and entertainers that are millionaires. Your desire is to be with that rich man who is going to encompass more than just his money. Interests change, people grow, and so there has to be more than finances that complete him for a relationship to truly work. So what should you be looking for when it comes to dating a millionaire? Does he put others’ interests before his own and shows concern for others?

Dating isn´t just about how the rich man makes you feel, but what about those around him? As far as you know, he could be putting on an act with you. Observe how people react to him from the lady who waits on you both at the restaurant to the people he encounters on the street. Is he helpful, generous, and polite? Does he listen to you when you express your needs?

Is he able to cope with your lack of abilities, certain skills or flaws?

Some millionaires don´t do well when someone makes a mistake. If you notice he loses his cool with you over the smallest things, you have to wonder if he has a sound mind? Listen to his conversation when he talks about parents, friends and co-workers. Does he put them down while puffing himself up? Consider this, if he treats people this way that he has known for years, how do you think he might treat you periodically?

Is he capable of waiting for people and things?

Maybe he is okay with your inability to do one thing or another, but how does he react when he has to wait for you? Test him, find out early on how he responds when you take a little longer than your should. Watch how he responds to those around him. Pay attention to what he says when he has to wait for people and things to meet his needs. Does he have a fit, curse or threaten others, or take his rage out on equipment? Stay away from violent men no matter how much money they make.

Is he sympathetically aware of you and others´ concerns, likes, and dislikes?

There are men who act as if they are doing what you like and act helpful, but inside they struggle with the inconvenience, repeated requests, and disruptions that doing for others brings to their lives. Millionaire men who might be busy with their endeavors may not be sympathetic to what you might be going through and may act uncaring. If a date continues to overlook your requests, acts uninterested when you express your concerns, and ignores you when you say you like or dislike something, know that the man has deep-rooted issues that don´t go away the longer you are with him, if anything, they worsen. These men are typically cold-hearted, rude, and emotional.

Is he calm and does he manage his behavior even when tested?

Maybe he passes the test on patience and doesn´t overreact when you make mistakes, but fails when it comes to managing his temperament when other challenges arise. Sometimes simple things are triggers that take us to places we don´t want to go. But how often does this happen with your date and are you able to deal with his emotional outbursts?

Does he possess high moral principles?

A man who has obtained millions may have played by the book achieving that wealth, but then again, maybe not. So you will want to listen carefully when he talks about his business partners, subordinates, co-workers, etc. Does he talk as if he is cheating them out of their merits and working them like slaves? Is he lying or covering up for someone in the group? Does he laugh when you point out that what he is doing is wrong? A man that can misappropriate funds, rob from his boss, and intentionally hurt another man without so much as shedding a tear is not one you want to full around with. Rather, seek those men who sincerely care about people and who have a code of ethics or morals that they adhere to in order to gain and maintain wealth.

You will meet those men who are considered good catches, generous, kind and smart. Yet, there are those men who are conniving, charmers, and selfish. Besides focusing on whether a man is sincerely financially sound, be sure you recognize the millionaire who demonstrates a great personality worth millions.

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