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Millionaires: What to Look for When Dating Younger Women

You are seeking a young, vibrant woman. You have your specifications and you hope that she meets your needs. But there are those young women who appear like they are matches made in heaven, but really aren´t. Know what to look for when it comes to finding your young match.


You are a millionaire who most likely received some training in your industry over the years, read books, watched videos, and did other things to help achieve your wealth.
So it would make sense to want a young woman who has an interest in learning about new things to better herself. Educated and wise women bring a conversation to the table that keeps you wanting to hear more about them and share what you know. Ignorant women tend to have a limited conversation and view about life and have very little interests. Find someone who has at least some higher learning and a genuine interest in expanding one´s mind.


This may or may not be high on your list, but this is where true wisdom comes from, not knowledge that camouflages itself as if it is wise. A woman who believes that there is more to being a human being besides wearing a body suit is an interesting woman to be around. She will share things with you about her faith that might propel you in your personal goals. But be ware of women who are into a little bit of everything when it comes to spiritual things, delve in witchcraft and boasts of many gods. They are often confused, have odd behaviors that don‘t benefit themselves or anyone else, and can also be deadly.


A woman should have more going on in her life than wanting to meet a man on the Internet. Besides working at a company, what more is going on with her? It is up to you to ask the kind of questions that will help you know more about her and vice versa, so that you both have a general understanding of one another.

Sense of Humor

Can you make her laugh and does she tickle your funny bone? Women who are often serious tend to be boring, emotional, argumentative, and easily irritated when you attempt to make them laugh. Test your date, see how she responds to your sense of humor as well as others.


Just because a young woman has a great figure, doesn´t mean that she is active. She may not like to get out much, walk, or do anything physical. If you ae the type that likes to get around, you will definitely not want to be with a lifeless woman no matter how pretty she might be.


Take notice on whether or not she is employed and for how long. Unfortunately, some women exclusively date millionaire men in the hopes that one day they can share their wealth. Learn what else makes you attractive to her besides your income.


You will want to know if the young woman is interested in being with you exclusively as the relationship matures. Communicate what you hope to get in the short or long term with her. The more open you are, the more she will be.

There are plenty of pretty women, but less who are honest, caring, and sincerely want more than what meets their eyes when it comes to millionaire men. Remember what makes you stand out from all the rest, your money; therefore, don’t make a big deal about it and maybe the young lady in your presence might get a clue you aren´t that guy who likes to use his money to play head games.

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