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Single Millionaire: He May Be Nice but Learn More

Patience is needed finding out and getting to know each other for a relationship

A greedy, loud mouth person, who enjoyed being in the company of anyone who liked listening to his outrageous stories, the single millionaire found himself to be in a bit of a quandary. Although his extended network of business partnerships was quickly growing, his family connections were slowly dissipating. The man, who had grown up in a large family and raised by both his well-to-do parents, landowners in the southeastern region of the United States, had been doing so well in his business endeavors that there was a disconnect with loved ones and childhood friends. This is not a unique story, there are many single millionaires who are so focused on obtaining riches, name recognition, and power, that they fail to connect or re-connect with those they claim to love. This secluded behavior does have an effect on intimate relationships. Those who have been negatively impacted by an antisocial partner call this, emotional abuse.

Not all single millionaires are like the one described in the invented story, but they do exist. One, who is very much interested in dating a millionaire, will need to guard her heart during the courtship. Once she gets to know her gentleman suitor quite well, then she might drop her guard somewhat, but not so much that she loses her identity in the relationship. Yet, so many women do lose their minds, bodies and spirits chasing riches. They sell their souls for a chance to romance a millionaire only to find out he has a long line of women who are equally eager to bed him. It is then that the single millionaire will make a choice which of his lovers will get to dine with him and travel and who might one day be a candidate for something more permanent.

When dating the single millionaire, the young woman will want to learn much about his personality while determining whether she is compatible with him. There is one important commonality between the mature single millionaire and the young single millionaire. Both men have much money, but personalities could be world's apart due to family influence, business connections, dating experiences, children, and more. The single woman will need to get a grasp on what kind of millionaire man might she might be dating. Is he likely to be in her life today, but gone tomorrow when things start to heat up?

Both young and old millionaires will converse about their achievements. They might even instruct their listeners on a few things about their business or career endeavors-that is if they are open to listening to their dates.

Greedy, selfish millionaires don´t always go away easy once they realize they are turning a date off, it will be up to the woman to say what she means and mean what she says if she should want to end the on or offline romance. A determined millionaire with a winning mindset might continue to chase the young woman, as if she is prey, until he has accomplished his goal of any number of things such as: bedding her, possibly marrying her, exacting revenge because she rejected his advances, or use her until he grows weary of her.

If an online date is considering on taking a single gentleman up on his offer to eat, drink, and travel, then she will want to take precautions. Be sure that someone in her circle has enough information about the fellow that if something happens while out on a date with him that he and she can be found.

Some single millionaires love traveling abroad while others enjoy staying at home, but whichever he decides, a young woman will find her time with the right gentleman most fulfilling.

If you are considering on traveling with your new partner, take a moment to find out what his relationship with family and friends might be before you fall in love. If he is becoming increasingly distant with his family, he may have good reason, but don't assume that he won't eventually be that way with you. It can be deeply troubling to be in a relationship with a millionaire who is more in love with making money than being in love with those who helped him become who he is today.

Avoid the loud mouth, braggadocios millionaire type! Welcome that great guy into your life who seems to be well-adjusted, balanced, and grateful for having a relationship with someone other than the financial planner who handles his money! Remember not all single millionaires are wild, rude, and arrogant.

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