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Lots of young woman are very money hungry



5 Things Millionaire Professionals Should Watch for When Dating Money-Hungry Young Women

When younger women just want you to pay their bills

They are called gold-diggers, described as "money-hungry" by some victims and are often seeking ways to save and get more money. These women appear to be nice, friendly, and have a millionaire man´s best interest at heart, but underneath their attractive exterior, is nothing more than a hurting heart that seeks to be comforted with much material wealth. An unwise man will give his millions to an undeserving, deceptive woman if he too hopes to heal a broken heart by carrying a very costly trophy piece on his arm.

Reasons for dating

Every woman has her thoughts on why she would like to date a man. Millionaires aren´t average men in a poor woman´s world, so she knows that in order to get what she wants; she will have to plan accordingly. She already knows her millionaire date will be testing her on whether she is a gold-digger or not. So her reasons for dating the older gentleman must be more-so about what she can do for him; rather than what he can do for her. Since many women have different needs, it would be impossible to list them all, but some thoughts on why they specifically target successful men include: material assets, security, potential fame and power, fulfillment of personal dreams, and help in meeting family needs.

Family influence

Relatives involved in one´s dating experience may or may not be the case it all depends on how close the young woman is to her family. However, if she is very connected to loved ones, she will seek a gentleman suitor that will not only be of assistance to her, but to her family as well. For example, if mom needs help with her mortgage, the young woman is going to do some things to make sure that it gets paid, in addition to getting her needs met from her lover. Sometimes her family issues get in the way of her personal happiness, because relatives will pressure her to stay with a wealthy mate even when she finds him no longer interesting.

Greed for money and success

Despite having a great job and a decent lifestyle, the determined young woman, who wants it all, is often dissatisfied with things happening in her life including the rich man she is dating. So what should have been a desire for him ends up turning into a passion for wanting more material wealth which includes a calculated plan to use him to become successful. Talk of marriage, illness, pregnancy, business investment, offers of service, she will find a way to stay associated with her millionaire friend.

Change of attitude and behaviors

In the beginning of a dating experience, a couple is very much into one another, but in time, things begin to change. When a young woman dates a millionaire, she is initially interested in him like any other man, but depending on how he treats her will make a difference in the way she behaves toward him. If he is often buying things for her, then she may or may not want more-this is all based on what she has or hasn't been exposed to the past. She might not be the most pleasant person to be around if her date had been spoiling her, but then suddenly changes.


Story-telling about one´s life tends to happen more often with women who feel the need to make a good impression on a millionaire man. She knows there is competition and she wants to stand out from the rest, so a money-hungry young woman has no problem embellishing the truth. She will manipulate a situation in such a way to get her date to pay more attention to her and less on his options.

There are women who mean well on the dating scene, but sometimes it can be difficult to find them because they are hidden amongst those women who want nothing more than money and a good time. Be mindful of women who talk much about what they have and don´t have and how they want more. Stay away from women who share too much detail about their family needs while hoping you will help foot their bills. Watch for women who claim to have many problems, but aren't doing much to solve them.

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