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There are big Expectations when seeking a Millionaire



When Millionaire Date Doesn´t Want to Share Wealth

Not even Dates with Millionaires are always prospering

Most young women assume when they date a man with much wealth that he is going to be generous with it. Some of these women frequent millionaire dating websites in the hopes that they will meet wealthy men who don´t mind visiting fancy restaurants, traveling, and buying them expensive gifts. These women, with such high hopes, are surprised when they experience repeated rejections from their millionaire dates on buying them lavish things. Some might think, "Well if he really is a millionaire, why is he so concerned about spending money?"

What these women, typically under the age of 35, don´t know is that many millionaires are not charitable when it comes to placing money directly in people´s hands unless they see some benefit. This is why they are millionaires, because they know how to save money while the poor man likes to waste his money trying to make a good impression on someone who isn't worth their time much less their money!

So how does the young woman know that her millionaire date is the type who has zero intentions on buying her anything that ends in a few zeroes?

He ignores her hints to visit places or buy things outside the typical dinner and a movie experience. It doesn't matter if the date tells a story about something she needs or boldly asks for it, a millionaire who is not the type for gift-giving (small or large) doesn´t care too much about making a long-lasting impression on his date.

Millionaires know that their net worth is a magnet for most women, so many are going to see how much they are going to get from their dates without having to spend a lot of money since there might be many others they plan to date. He becomes moody if he has to pay for something.

This is an obvious sign, not that a man can´t afford to spend money on you, but that he doesn´t like to spend money on what he thinks is unimportant things. If he sees no long-lasting benefit to him, then why invest? A man who is uninterested in his date, their time together and other related things is going to keep his wallet closed as much as possible.

He doesn´t comment when his date offers suggestions on what he should do with his money. Maybe the young woman is pretty good about saving, donating, and investing her finances. However, a prideful millionaire with his hand on his wallet will take his date´s money conversation with a grain of salt unless he sees the possibility of making money with her ideas. Just a thought young ladies, who hope that your millionaire date will help you launch a business, you might want to keep your business plans and inventions to yourself until you get them copyrighted or patented.

He often refers to his finances as "My money…"

When a man repeatedly mentions in conversation, "My money…" he is exercising his control over his date and anyone else who depends on him for money. A millionaire who often feels the need to talk about his money, is not one you should expect will give you anything without expecting something in return.

He will remind his date when he suspects she will ask him to pay for something, "You have money, don't you?"

A millionaire who is testing his date´s gold-digger meter will direct her to spending her own money. When this happens, it doesn´t mean that he is tightfisted with his debit or credit card, but there is a good possibility he feels the need to protect his finances, because the date could be spending far too much time talking about his money.

Now she could be on her best behavior during the date, but a paranoid millionaire isn´t going to take any chances; therefore he will direct her attention on her money. He sounds as if he is bragging about how much money he saved buying inexpensive goods or products on sale.

Those who know millionaires know that they are excited when they can save money. It doesn´t matter if they are cutting coupons or cutting jobs, as long as more money is in their bank accounts, they are satisfied. So when you hear the millionaire boasting about his savings on this product and that service, know that he may be the type that will not go out of his way to buy you anything of quality.

He opts out of holiday celebrations because they require gift-giving.

Call him a cheapskate, but even still he is a cheap millionaire. Whatever his issue with spending money, he has made his views clear when he shares something like, "I don't celebrate holidays…I could think of better things to do with my money then to blow it on traditions…" There is no changing him, so don´t bother.

If one´s intention is to bond with the millionaire and his material assets, know that not all will treat you well when you make your motives for being with him so obvious. Nevertheless, when a miserly millionaire doesn't feel like being generous, be the same way about your body and all that comes with you, "There is no giving up my assets; I need a return on my investment."

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