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Tips on Dating Boring Millionaires and the Benefits of Dating Rich

Once you "have a Millionaire" but find out that....

Visiting a millionaire dating website can be fun, informative and helpful in your quest to find a suitable mate. However, once you find a millionaire to date, things can go well, but you might also experience feelings of disappointment. You may soon discover there is more to him besides a great personality and his millions. You will learn he isn't necessarily the type who is going to take you on shopping sprees, travel to faraway lands, and do other things that you might envision men with much money like to do. He just might be boring. The reality is that millionaires, like the middle class and others with lower incomes, are simply people who work, enjoy relaxing at home, and periodically attend events usually to help build their network or income. There isn't anything exciting about them. They rarely step out of their comfort zone and live quite simply.

If you want excitement during the dating process, you will have to be the one that will awake the boring millionaire who prefers the couch more than a walking tour somewhere. You will need to plan for things to do, persuade him to go, and encourage him to try new things while visiting fun places. He might offer to assist you financially to plan a great time, but then he might not because he will reason it was your idea, so be prepared.

Of course, there are perks to dating boring millionaires, as well as not-so boring ones, who don't have lavish lifestyles.

1. Millionaires are able to buy things that most people can't.

When you go to a store, you might be watching every dollar you spend and will avoid high-end places, because you know you can't afford anything in them. A millionaire might also watch his spending, but he will at least go into the stores that most others can't afford even if he doesn't buy anything in them. Being with a wealthy man who enjoys shopping and doesn't mind sharing his wealth, will enlighten you to items you just aren't going to find in your local fast food restaurants, department and grocery stores.

2. Millionaires go to places that most are unable to.

If you should meet a rich, educated man that doesn't mind traveling, you will be in for a treat. He will expose you to different cultures, stimulate your mind, and point out things about other lands that even the history books have yet to record. So share where you want to go with him when the opportunity comes to discuss and what might you want to do during your visit to that state or country.

3. Millionaires are typically more intelligent about obtaining wealth than most.

Successful men don't spend much time talking about people, but more time sharing ideas/plans/dreams/achievements. You will learn much from a rich man who doesn't mind story-telling and sharing what he has done over the years to accomplish much. Ask questions, take notes and apply what he says to your endeavors, and who knows you just might be on your way to riches!

4. Millionaires tend to be more concerned about their finances from what they are spending their money on to how much they have saved in the bank.

How much money a millionaire, whether boring or not, spends on one thing or another does matter to him. Middle to low income people falsely assume rich people don't care much about the price of things because they can buy what they want without worry, but they often do think about cost while shopping. This is why they have much money and many others don't. Many rich people take the time to shop around, negotiate price, and use discounted cards/coupons/points etc. when they can. They also manage saving money quite well, unlike the poor gentleman who lives paycheck to paycheck, the rich gentleman builds up wealth that he can access should future issues arise.

5. Millionaires don't just give away money or time; they must see what the benefits are to them.

Chances are a millionaire, who is easily bored or is boring, is thinking, "Is this woman going to be benefiting me in some way? What are her issues and will they be a hindrance to me personally and/or professionally?" If he simply wants sex and nothing more, then he isn't going to think too deeply about a future with a young woman. He already knows what the benefit to dating her is going to be, he spends some money and she gives him sex. But if he and the young woman both want something more than just a dinner and a movie experience, they will work to get to know one another while building a potential future together.

Keep in mind, when dating any millionaire:

- Don't be shy about sharing your aspirations and achievements. Who knows he might help you accomplish much more?

- Don't lie about who you are or cover up areas of your personality in the hopes that you can continue to date a millionaire, sooner or later he will find out whether you are sincere about having a relationship or just a pretender.

- Keep your intimate history about other men to yourself. Do you really think a millionaire date wants to hear about all your past breakups?

- Find out much about your millionaire date and use what you know to get what you want-a genuine, loving, long-lasting relationship.

- Don't turn him off by sharing a list of what you want him to buy/give you.

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