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How Not to Finance an Already Wealthy Man's Life: The Cheap Millionaire

Seeking a bargain basement kind of romance, the millionaire who is a tightwad is looking for ways to have a good time on a hamburger budget with a young date despite having what should be a caviar lifestyle! He will avoid spending any amount of money he deems unreasonable. If he should notice a bill that he doesn't like, he will either pay it and then complain later or ask quite boldly for his young partner to help pay. His date might say, "Well, I didn't expect this...let me see what I can do..." He might make a joke about his request, feeling a tad bit guilty about it especially if the pair haven´t been dating that long. It is then, he will go ahead and pay the dinner bill while secretly wishing his date would have helped. But no worries, because he will mention going somewhere else and ask her if she wouldn't mind footing that bill or going Dutch.

If you are a young woman willing to give up your money, time and service for a little bit of nothing, the cheap millionaire date is going to be most appreciative of you! He will be very polite, kind and sweet all the while saying, "Thank you." Oh, he will be quite nice to his dates as long as he stays within his budget and experiences no pressure to do anymore than he feels comfortable with doing. But when the young woman disrupts his bargain basement world with designer label requests and a pricey palate, look out! The old "frugal" guy is going to find a way to persuade his young date to look the other way. He won´t bother to reach for his wallet and could care less if she sighs and moans about "...not having..." He will direct her attention to yet another cheap place, thing or activity that requires little if any money. But if she wants a truly memorable date with a cheap millionaire, she will have to offer to pay her half or finance the whole trip. Now if the man is in a good mood, he may splurge, a little, but don´t count on it!

Wealthy men (or those who are doing okay in life) don´t build income because they enjoy spending, rather they feel empowered because they love saving--keeping money for themselves! They know how to take what money they have saved, and make more of it. For example, a rich man could spend a certain amount of money buying you things, making you feel like a little princess, but why bother, if he knows that you are generous with your money. So he will look for ways to get out of spending his money when he can use yours! He will be impressed with how you can use a coupon, seek a discount, and ask people you know for a favor or two. But what he won't do is encourage you to come to him with your needs. He might say, "If you need help, I'm here." But when tested, the cheap millionaire isn´t much of a help. He may give you just enough, but not what you truly need.

Pay close attention to how your date spends money and what he says about it in your quest to get to know him. You will spot a cheap millionaire when he feels more comfortable talking about what he doesn´t have, then what he does. He will act as if he is struggling like the average or poor man, when that is a lie. The poor man is living paycheck to paycheck and if he should lose his job, he has nothing--there is no money anywhere he can access. However, the rich man has money you can see and money you can´t see. If something happens to his job/business, he has accounts and assets somewhere he can use during tough times.

Another thing a young woman, who doesn'´t have much money, should watch out for is when the cheap millionaire often comes up with ideas for places to go and things to buy, but he never mentions going out to buy them. Test him, by talking about the same thing and how you were thinking about buying it. You will notice that he will encourage you to use your credit card, pay cash, and do whatever else you should to pay for the items that he truly wants. This is his way of getting you to buy something that he intends to use later. In the same conversation, mention the things you like, but notice, he won't offer to pay for any of them.

On dates, notice how often you pull your wallet out to pay for something as compared to his. Your older date will expect you to contribute especially if the place or activity was your idea. Of course, that is a fair thing to do, but the cheap millionaire can be pushy about what he is and isn't paying for.

Consider the following tips when dating a cheap, rich man:

1. Don´t offer to pay for anything without watching how the man spends his money for awhile.

2. Keep knowledge of your personal finances to yourself. The more you boast about what you have, the more the man will think you are perfectly capable of not only taking care of yourself, but helping him too--"Why should I pick up any dinner bills, buy gas for the carů? She can pay for these things," he might think.

3. Save your money for the activities you truly want to do, don't permit the man to dictate what you should spend your money on unless he is helping you finance the trip. Your money, your experience!

4. Avoid pretending as if your date´s cheap ways are alright with you when you know they are not.

5. Don´t fall for any money investments that your date suggests no matter how good they sound. Always seek legal counsel. Note: Online research regarding business opportunities can be bias since many business owners pay to have people visit their pages, write positive reviews, etc.

Sometimes people date for more reasons then what they say. A millionaire might be seeking a trustworthy future assistant to help him maintain his lifestyle without having to pay her much. He might have plans that go beyond just dating a young woman. In the short term, it may be nice to receive a great job opportunity from a millionaire, but in the long term, one will have to think, "Did I really benefit?" Don´t offer to assist the millionaire with any of his business endeavors--keep your professional life separate from your dating one!

Wealthy, older men experience feelings of being in love once again and enjoy the newness of their dating relationships, but they will do these things while protecting their hearts and finances, but a generous, young woman, not so much. She just might put her big heart and small debit card out there to win something from a rich man that he is already giving her and that is attention. Hold on to your heart and wallet until you have a commitment!

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