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What Millionaires want from younger Ladies



What Millionaires Want

Millionaires needs

From beauty to sex, millionaires want it all, because they know they can buy it all! Well maybe not everything, but some will try. Contrary to popular belief, there are many millionaires who desire what any person wants who doesn´t make much money, love.
It can be difficult for the rich man to find a sincere romance, because one's lover might be too distracted by his assets.

Millionaires are use to getting what they want when it comes to business affairs, but not so much when it comes to love. The wealthy man might desire a kind, sweet, appreciative beauty, but tend to attract the total opposite. He may set out to find his true romance across the seas only to find out that culture, religion, and a demanding family is stifling any possibility of a quality relationship. So he will search and search until he gets what he wants or until love finds him.

Millionaires´ personal needs are similar to that of poor men. They hope to find a compatible mate. A warm-hearted woman who will accept him, flaws and all, while showing him much love and respect. Although the public often sees a beauty queen on the arm of a millionaire, not every man has one. Sometimes beauty is only seen in the eye of the beholder. There is something far more greater that the rich man sees in his average looking partner. An intelligent, gifted woman may not be rated a 10 in a beauty magazine, but she is a gem when it comes to increasing a rich man´s portfolio and caring for the family and tending to household affairs.

Uninhibited women are welcome in the lives of millionaires who don´t acknowledge a Creator. These wealthy men don´t have a reverence for religion and many don't see a need for God. In a rich man´s mind, he has everything, what on earth does he need a god or God for? Therefore, many successful men don´t find a faith that important and will pass on dating the women who are sold out for their gods or God.

Millionaire men hope to connect with someone who understands them. A person who is use to being around wealth and can relate to some of the hang-ups that come with the lifestyle will most likely last in the relationship than one who hasn´t been exposed to men and women of influence. There are the temptations such as: both seductive women and men seeking a rich man´s intimacy and money, strong drinks, drugs, gambling on risky investments, and more. There are problems that come with being a millionaire; therefore, one's partner must be prepared.

The fantasy of living a millionaire lifestyle can easily cause one to do any or all of the following: compromise one´s faith, participate in shameful acts, behave in ways that could lose many friends, sacrifice one´s personal interests, and other things that could leave an individual feeling miserable and quite possibly suicidal. A millionaire has enough trouble of his own, so he isn´t too concerned about one´s mental, physical and spiritual needs unless he has fallen in love with his partner. If this happened, then he might be helpful and expect his lover to return his favors. From return calls to sudden outings, a millionaire with little time will want his partner to tend to his needs when he calls. Remember, millionaires are use to getting their way. It would make sense for anyone who is dating a rich man to spend much time learning about him. Finding out what he truly wants out of life both personally and professionally and how might you fit in his world, will also assist with your being more interesting than others. You will be able to use what you learn about him to truly be that helpmate he might desire. Now some millionaires aren´t looking for wives, so be sure you aren´t giving away your best to a man who is more interested in a one night stand than anything else. Consider this are you truly seeking love or good times? If you answered both, you just might get one, but not the other it all boils down to how you represent yourself when spending time with your millionaire friend. Do you have goals and are you actively working to make some things happen in your life or are you seeking someone to help you? These are thoughts worth exploring when you are seeking a man of influence and wealth.

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