Meet a Millionaire - Welcome
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Facts about Millionaires, secure life in luxury or just a material world with a Sugardaddy?!



Meet a Millionaire - Introduction

What young women like about rich men and what they hope to get from them besides money

We have heard of the gold-diggers and the sugar babies, young women who seek out men exclusively for their money. But what about the women who know that they can't get any gold out of certain mature men and may even have some gold of their own?
They are young, single, living comfortably, and just interested in dating a different age group who can give them some things other than money. What might those things be?

Young women, like rich, older men, want to feel alive. They want to be with someone who cares about their feelings and who has the capability to move them in such a way that breathes romance in possibly a heart that has experienced much ache in her youth. Are you that one?
These women desire a relationship where they can grow and not be stifled or burdened down with thoughts about where is my date and who is he with and is he telling me the truth when he says this thing and that thing to me?

Young women want to know that a wealthy, mature man is sincerely interested in finding out more about her. Did he catch what she was saying when she shared about being a help to him? Is he listening to what her needs are and how might he be able to meet them? Maybe his date doesn't need much, just a friend who she can trust with her secrets and encourage her when times are bad.

Active, youthful women like to discover new things. They want their dates to make plans that aren't always the traditional dinner and a movie set up. What does the young woman have in common with her older suitor? Where might they want to visit to explore their interests together?

Free time can be set aside to learn more about one another. If she desires to date her well-off date exclusively, she will make herself more available to him, but if not, he will hear from her less overtime. A single woman is going to pay attention to how often her date calls her just to chat, as well as how frequent he comes by to take her somewhere other than the bedroom. If he begins to act uninterested, she might check in with him a few more times, before calling it quits.

Young women know that there are many positive attributes to mature, rich gentlemen. She has heard that they are responsible, at times generous, knowledgeable about life, and can be fun to be around. So she expects at least some, if not all of these qualities. But when a man doesn't live up to her expectations, she tires of him and moves on.

The more you know about your young date, the better! If she appears a bit shy at first, give her time. Some young women lack the maturity to hold a decent conversation while others need time to warm up to you. Communication is key for the mature, young woman because chances are she may have grown up around immature and troubled young men. She hopes that you are an answer to her prayers. Notice, the "mature" young woman likes to give and take when communicating with an older man. The immature type likes to talk about herself, but doesn't listen much. Her eyes wander to and fro. She sighs, plays with her hair, and wants to go do something.

If you should meet a young woman, don't assume that she is the type that wants to take you for your money. If that is a big concern to you, then don't dress the part. Meet at a place that isn't glamorous and doesn't cost much. Test the young lady. Is it a relationship that she truly seeks? Test her until you are comfortable that she wants more out of life than someone taking care of her.

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